Provision #298: Top 10 Wellness Pathways

Laser Provision Read on for the Top Ten Wellness Pathways that can assist you to reach optimal physical well-being. In the past few months, I’ve written about each of these in considerable detail. This Provision summarizes the whole collection. LifeTrek Provision Before we move on next week to the subject of wealth, I want to […]

Provision #297: Sleep Well

Laser Provision Do you want to be healthy, wealthy, and wise? Then you’re going to need to get adequate sleep. It’s that important. If you regularly get less than six hours or more than nine hours of sleep a day, then you’re headed for trouble. This Provision reviews the literature and makes specific suggestions on […]

Provision #296: Supplement Your Life

Laser Provision Many people take nutritional supplements to support their physical health, as well they should. But the concept of supplements is bigger than pills in a bottle. We can also take environmental supplements to support our ontological health, our way of being in the world. Environmental supplements may be the most important of all. […]

Provision #295: Succeed in Health & Life

Laser Provision Although this Provision moves on in our series to talk about flexibility and balance, it actually goes to the core of how to succeed in life. What’s good for the body is good for the soul and for the pocketbook. In fact, what we do with our body sets the stage for everything […]

Provision #294: Work It Out

Laser Provision Want to stay healthy and fit? Then fill the number one prescription for health and wellness: exercise. This Provision suggests how you can find the motivation and the time, and then it describes some specific techniques for getting started with endurance and strength exercises. It’s not hard to work out working out. LifeTrek […]