Provision #650: Seeing You

LifeTrek ProvisionLike several million other people this holiday season, I had the opportunity to see the new movie,Avatar. It is a delightful tale with a strong message as to the evils of imperialism and mechanized warfare. It’s hard not to have empathy for the Na’vi as their world is destroyed by those who want to […]

Provision #649: Celebrate & Serve

LifeTrek ProvisionWelcome to Provisions light. In this season of celebration and service, we’re taking a break from our normal fare to wish you the best of holiday greetings. Dewitt Jones makes a distinction in one of his videos between “being the best in the world” and “being the best for the world.” The distinction is […]

Provision #648: Take Responsibility

Laser Provision Coaching is the responsibility profession. We believe it is always possible for people to improve their situation in life through the power of vision and the consistent application of joyful practices. When people are feeling discouraged and disempowered, we remind them of their capacity and potential. When people are feeling encouraged and empowered, […]

Provision #647: The Empathy Rule

Laser Provision With a nod to President Obama’s acceptance speech this past week of the Nobel Peace Prize, this Provision lifts up the Golden Rule as the first and perhaps the most important guideline for living. The Golden Rule has been said in many different ways (I reprint and discuss six of them in this […]

Provision #646: The Ten New Commandments

Laser Provision What principles and practices guide your daily living? From ancient to modern times, this question has been the source of great inspiration and consternation. It has generated more than one list of “ten commandments.” There’s no telling how many such lists have been generated, but this Provision reprints six of them as a […]