Provision #660: Eleven Commandments

Laser Provision After four months of comparing and contrasting seven different sets of Ten Commandments, it’s time to bring this series to a close. So today I present my top Eleven Commandments or Guidelines for Living, one right after another. If you’ve been reading along, then these will be familiar to you. If you are […]

Provision #659: Be Forgiving

Laser Provision Have you ever held a grudge? Are you holding one right now? Last week I wrote about the importance of fairness, but fairness without forgiveness can become an obsession. It can eat away at our spirits as we connive and strive to see justice done. Forgiveness is the mitigating factor that releases our […]

Provision #658: Be Fair

Laser Provision Fairness conjures up notions of even-handed accounting. Think balance scales, with no one having more or less than anyone else. Although a case can be made for some measure of economic parity in life, fairness also means giving all people the opportunity to meet their needs. This goes far beyond subsistence-level accounting; it […]

Provision #657: Nurture Planet Earth

Laser Provision This truth applies to one and all: we are duty bound to protect and nurture planet earth. Buckminster Fuller long ago challenged us to “do more with less” if we hope to keep this “spaceship earth” in good working order. Others have recognized the need to develop sustainable energy economies and environmental practices. […]

Provision #656: Nurture Well Being

Laser Provision Today’s Provision tells a story of hard work, exhaustion, and recovery with a surprising twist at the end. It’s not a story I copied from the Internet. It’s my story, and I hope you will find it both interesting and instructive. Only one set of those Ten New Commandments that I introduced last December talk […]