Provision #741: Knowledge Matters

Laser Provision Two weeks ago I wrote about the importance of kaizen to leadership. Kaizen is the Japanese word for “good change,” and it has come to be used in reference to continuous improvement and Total Quality Management or TQM. Unlike some quality systems that focus on inspections, quotas, and merit ratings to achieve quality, […]

Provision #739: Kaizen Matters

Laser Provision I don’t know of a leader who is not concerned with improving performance. That is, after all, an essential part of a leader’s job description. No leader aims to keep things the same, let alone to make things worse. Leaders are change agents with a single-minded focus on making things better. But how […]

Provision #738: eXhaustion Matters

Laser Provision There is a time and a place for exhaustion. In a few weeks, I plan on leading my annual 4:45 pace team at the Baltimore marathon. Afterwards, and probably at some points during the race, there will be moments of exhaustion. Exhaustion can be a sign of having pushed oneself to get something […]

Provision #737: eXperiments Matter

Laser Provision One might say there are two ways to learn: theory to practice and practice to theory. The first way, known as deductive learning, starts with a set of accepted premises and applies them to particular situations. The second way, known as inductive learning, starts with a set of experiences and generalizes them into […]

Provision #736: eXample Matters

Laser Provision Do you set a good example? If you are a leader in any organization, whether in a school, a corporation, a congregation, a club, or a marching band, then I hope so. People are watching our every move as leaders, and what they see matters. Do we work hard? Do we express caring […]