Provision #746: The ABC’s of Leadership

Laser Provision Without intending to follow any particular pattern at the time, I started to write about Evocative Leadership on March 21, 2010. That’s 20 months ago! Who knew the topic would prove to be so engaging?! My interest was simple: to apply the lessons we have been learning through Evocative Coaching to the tasks of leadership. That wasn’t […]

Provision #745: Uniqueness Matters

Laser Provision Last week I wrote about the importance of uniformity when it comes to leadership. The focus there was on the quality of processes and outcomes when it comes to goods and services. Leaders make sure that quality is consistently high. But there is no uniform way for leaders to get that message across. […]

Provision #744: Uniformity Matters

Laser Provision When it comes to leadership, uniformity matters. That’s obvious when it comes to manufacturing. There are specifications for every product and it just doesn’t work if some products meet those specifications while others do not. Consumers expect a uniform level of quality from item to item, year after year. But uniformity is just […]

Provision #743: Understanding Matters

Laser Provision Two weeks ago I wrote about the importance of knowledge when it comes to leadership. By knowledge I meant a clear grasp of what’s important when it comes to leading organizations and optimizing performance. Best efforts are not enough. Best efforts without proper direction are doomed. To that end, I put forward Deming’s […]

Provision #742: Kindness Matters

Laser Provision Do you like stories? Then this is the Provision for you. It contains four stories, each of which illustrates an important principle when it comes to leadership: kindness matters. When leaders engage in either intentional or random acts of kindness, people notice. Such acts build trust and grease the wheels of change. If […]