Provision #412: Embrace Mindfulness

Laser Provision Do you suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? If so, join the club! We live in an ADHD world and it is taking a toll on our spiritual wellness. In fact, there’s no way to be spiritually well without cultivating an Attention Rich Hypoactivity Order. That’s because the spirit can only be noticed, […]

Provision #411: Embrace Possibility

Laser Provision Do you live in a world of possibility? Or have you come to expect the same old thing, day after day? Either way, as the saying goes, you are right. Both possibilities and certainties stem more from internal expectations than from external constraints. How we show up for life determines how we experience […]

Provision #410: Embrace Freedom

Laser Provision What are you addicted to in life? Alcohol and drugs may get all the attention, but addiction on any level to any thing • even addiction to security or fame • interferes with our well being and our ability to love. Spiritual wellness starts and ends with freedom from addiction. It’s not about […]