Provision #418: Embrace Hope

Laser Provision Regardless of the situation, there is always room for hope. Sometimes the basis for hope is obvious. We can easily see how things will work out. Other times the basis for hope is hidden. We have to rely on the mysterious and subtle energies of life to work things out, one way or […]

Provision #417: Embrace Mystery

Laser Provision The more we learn about the universe, the more one thing becomes clear: there is a lot we do not understand about what happens and why. That is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be lived. The more we embrace that mystery and open ourselves to the multivariable calculus […]

Provision #416: Embrace Diversity

Laser Provision For many people, spiritual wellness sounds like a call to arms. They want to share their truth with the world in the hope that one day everyone might see things their way. For all its enthusiasm, such an approach fails to appreciate the richness of what’s happening in our world today. Only by […]

Provision #414: Embrace Silence

Laser Provision To write or speak about silence is an oxymoron. Perhaps the best way to begin this Provision, then, is to just be silent. So before you scroll down and read any further, mute the volume of as many sounds as possible and sit in silence. Then, when you are ready, scroll past the […]

Provision #413: Embrace Responsibility

Laser Provision Responsibility is a conundrum. How much is too much? How much is too little? We can never answer those questions once and for all. They are an ongoing part of the human drama. But we can engage with life as beings who are fully responsible in each and every moment. Such engagement is […]