Provision #216: Take Stock

Laser Provision Take stock of your life, of where you’ve been and where you’re going. It’s an important way to learn from experience. I took stock of my life this past week in order to discover the threads that weave their way through LifeTrek Provisions. In the process I came away more motivated than before to […]

Provision #215: Make Decisions

Laser Provision Many people struggle with disorganization and procrastination. They feel as though they just don’t have what it takes to stay on top of things. This Provision will assist you to reframe this struggle in terms of making decisions, thereby unleashing your energy for life. LifeTrek Provision We are in the midst of a series on […]

Provision #214: Touch It Once

Laser Provision Are you overwhelmed by the paper and e-mail that come your way every day? If so, you’re not alone. But there are systems that can make this easier. Learn to touch things once • or at most twice. Toss, refer, act, or file. That’s all you can ever do with paper and e-mail; […]

Provision #213: Get Things Done

Laser Provision “If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly.” The point of this Provision is not to encourage you to do sloppy work but to get things done. Finish things and move on, even if they’re not perfect. In the scope of your life, and the history of the world, you’ll be glad you did. […]

Provision #212: Respect the Morning

Laser Provision The second habit for success stems from the recognition that the early morning, immediately after we wake up, presents us with a special opportunity to go deeper, be creative, and connect with the source of life itself. Successful people use that opportunity to their advantage. Successful people respect the morning. LifeTrek Provision Respect […]