Provision #221: Establish your Boundaries

Laser Provision What are you putting up with right now? Do people say or do things that drive you crazy? Then thisProvision is for you. Read on to learn how to turn that list of complaints into a list of boundaries, boundaries that you can establish effectively in order to have the life of your dreams. […]

Provision #117: Just Say No

Laser Provision It’s important, but not enough, to set standards for yourself. You also have to set boundaries for others. Boundaries are imaginary lines that protect your well being from the words and actions of others. Sometimes you have to just say no in order to be your very best in the world. This Provision […]

Provision #219: Live Your Standards

Laser Provision Coaches often make a distinction between standards and boundaries. We assist our clients to understand the distinction, to set their standards and boundaries, and to live accordingly. Being clear, firm, and yet flexible in this regard is a critical habit for success. Read on to make this habit come alive for you. LifeTrek […]

Provision #218: Affirm Yourself

Laser Provision An early mentor in my life, deceased for many years, was fond of saying, “We accept people right where they are, just the way they are.” Guess what? The hardest person to accept is often our self. And yet self-affirmation • daily self-soothing • is a critical habit for success that we too […]

Provision #217: Learn from Experience

Laser Provision Experience, they say, is the best teacher. So why do so many people with so much experience do so many stupid things? They fail to take the time to reflect on experience and to observe the interaction of habits and impulses. Don’t make that mistake or you may never get beyond mediocrity in […]