Provision #844: It Is What It Is

Laser Provision Whenever I start to complain about my condition, my son and daughter often reply, “It is what it is.” That may seem obvious. Things are what they are. But people like myself are often filled with regret or anger or hope that things might be different. Such emotions, although understandable, are not the […]

Provision #843: Time to Look Around

Laser Provision In last week’s Provision #843, Time to Stand Still, I wrote about slowing down so that we could more fully appreciate what’s going on in the moment. But what is going on in the moment? To answer that question we have to not only slow down and stand still, we also have to open […]

Provision #842: Not Knowing Soul

Laser Provision There are many ways to think of mindfulness, starting with the simple notion of “paying attention”. But “paying attention” to what? This Provision, including several poems, expresses how mindfulness is a matter of paying attention to the heart and soul of life, in the moment, as time goes by. Then and only then […]

Provision #841: What Mindfulness Means

Laser Provision Given my memory challenges, it’s easy for me to live in the present moment with no real sense of time or space. I know that I am sitting here, now – at this table, in the morning – writing this Provision. It’s easy for me to forget what happened yesterday and to not […]