Provision #854: Live Your Values

Laser Provision Two weeks ago I encouraged you to Live with Purpose and to make that purpose constructive. Amen to that. But what does a constructive purpose look like? Although the specifics vary from person to person, the overreaching sweep of a constructive purpose is based upon a common set of core values that transcend personality, culture, […]

Provision #853: It Looks Like Dancing

Laser Provision Some of the most precious observations come out of the mouths of very young children. That happened at our house recently, when my wife and I entertained friends with two young boys, ages 2 and 4. The four-year-old helped me to build a fire in the fireplace. After it got going and the […]

Provision #852: Live with Purpose

Laser Provision It’s hard to live life without a sense of purpose. I know. I’ve tried it, involuntarily, and life is neither as productive nor as fun without that sense. What’s your life purpose? Have you dusted it off lately and made sure it is up to date? Do you keep it in mind? This […]

Provision #851: To Die and Live Again

Laser Provision At one point in my crazy brain inflammation I was about far gone as you can get and still be alive. I had no reaction to physical pain. My only physical reaction was the pupil of one eye. Shine a bright light into that eye, but not both, and the pupil would constrict. […]

Provision #850: Time to Unplug

Laser Provision So the Universe gave me a gift: it disconnected me from the virtual world for almost 24 hours. No phones. No internet. No email. No Roku. Nothing. It all went down. Yikes! OMG! What’s a person to do! In my case, I did my best to turn the forced “isolation” into an opportunity […]