Creativity Pathway #160: Celebrate Creativity Stories

Think of the last time you were inspired by a great story. Was it a story that moved you to tears, gave you goose bumps, inspired hope or action? What was it about that story that connected you to someone or something? What was it like to be the receiver of a wonderful story?

I believe that many of us long to hear stories of human triumph, joy, and celebration. In a world full of bad news, we seek to reconnect with what is right in our world and for a vehicle to celebrate the abundance of joy. 

Over the next year, I will be inviting you to tell your best stories. I will be seeking to create a space where you can reconnect with the energies of your experiences. Through the telling of great stories we breath new life into them and into ourselves.

Each month, you will find an invitation to reflect upon a different topic and your stories about that topic. Then, I would love to hear from you (and I mean literally) to record your story for posting as a podcast on our Website and through LifeTrek Provisions.

The process will be simple. We will meet over the telephone and I will interview you to bring out the details of your story, in all its richness. A link to the recording will then be included in our newsletter each week during that month. Of course, your privacy will be protected and your anonymity will be honored.

This month I am curious about your experiences with creativity. If you have a story to tell that grows out of your own life, consider sharing it with others by contacting me either by Email or through our Contact Form.

Creativity isn’t just about being an artist. Being creative is about making art out of your life. It’s about knowing that you hold the brush and can choose the paint which creates the picture. We all create our experiences and are the authors of our own stories. As the great sage, Willy Wonka, once said, “We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams.”

Coaching Inquiries: Tell me about a time in which you felt full of creative energy. What was your inspiration? What were the elements in the environment that supported you? Who contributed to your creativity? What grew out of your ideas? How did it feel to create? Tell me your story. It is beautiful.

To reply to this Pathway, use our Feedback Form. To learn more about our Creativity Coaching Programs and to arrange for a complementary Creativity coaching session, use our Contact Form or Email Erika

May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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