Creativity Pathway #152: What Is Right?

I’ve spent some time wallowing in the muck for the last few weeks. Following a wonderful holiday season, with the opportunity to spend time with family and friends from out of town, the sadness of their absence has enveloped me. In particular, I have missed my sister whose comforting presence dramatically changes the essence of my days.

And, I have kept my focus on what isn’t right. I often consider my disappointment that she isn’t here to celebrate milestones with me, or to be a first-hand observer of the little things that create connectedness between two people.

Do you have your own unique fixation with what isn’t? Perhaps you focus on your belief that parts of your body aren’t how you’d like them to look or feel. Maybe you focus on what isn’t in your bank account or what job opportunity you haven’t had.

But, in thinking about the relationship with my sister, there is so much to appreciate about what is right. You’ve heard the saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” This has absolutely been true for us; we are closer, in heart, than ever. And, in fact, because she is out-of-state, I believe we talk to one another more than we ever would if she were just across town. 

I have a friend who learned this lesson as well. This friend is struggling with debilitating chronic pain and, every day, the pain seems to show up in a new place and in a new way. When this began, upon waking each day, her first instinct was to note the area of the pain and focus on the disappointment and fear of the limitations that would be present that day. 

Then, she made an amazing thought-shift. She decided that instead of focusing on what hurt, she would place her attention on the parts of her body that did not hurt. And, even further, would intentionally assess and recognize what she was still able to do with those parts. That is a decision to focus on what is right and what does feel good. 

Shifting our thoughts and energies toward an appreciation of what is rightregenerates our spirit and allows us to recreate our perspective of the present. We can practice gratitude as a way of life instead of ungratefully continuously coveting what isn’t.

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