Creativity Pathway #151: Grow Your Network

There is a commercial on television that depicts a man suffering the consequences of missed messages and deadlines as well as the receipt of misinformation. Behind him stands a small group of people representing his wireless network. In contrast, we see an organized, successful, and well-informed man. Standing behind him are dozens of people meant to represent his wireless network. 

While the commercial failed to convince me to buy a wireless product, it certainly reminded me of the power of one’s network; the network of people whom support and contribute to our own successes. I can certainly attribute most of the biggest wins in my life, from career changes to smart buys, to the knowledge and connections that those in my network provided to me. 

For some, the thought of networking leads to thoughts of sales and marketing, which begins to make us turn red in panic. We resist asking for help, avoid imposing ourselves on others and cringe at the thought of selling. I know the feeling.

Here’s the good news about networking: networking is about giving. Powerful networking is about listening to hear what others need, seeking to understand the needs of those around us and letting them know if our skills match those needs.

“When we speak of the power of networking, we mean a power that comes from a spirit of giving and sharing,” say Fisher and Vilas in Power Networking. “Personal power comes from an inner strength, from knowing who we are and what we have to offer, and from an awareness that we are part of a large and vast universe. Our power comes from the willingness to honor ourselves, our relationships, and our connection with universal flow.” 

Instead of being prepared to get someone to hire you or buy your product, be prepared to learn more about their needs and desires. Sharpen your communication skills by learning to enjoy just listening. Then, let others experience you as a giver within your own area of expertise. Forget the “quid pro quo,” or something for something, approach and expect nothing in return. 

This is both easier and more effective than selling because people will more easily trust you and will have experienced your service. And, the benefits will indeed manifest in a grander way. After all, the garden grows more than the gardener sows. 

Coaching Inquiries: How are you tending to your garden? Do you expect it to produce fruit without your careful care and fertilization? What is your “net” worth?

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