Creativity Pathway #148: Perspective Shifting

For two weeks, I’ve been proudly telling friends and family that my son got his first tooth. Yes, an adorable little protrusion on the bottom left. I get such pleasure reaching into the left side of his gummy mouth and feeling his sharp baby tooth. 

Only, I’ve realized that it is absolutely untrue. My young son does not have a new tooth on the bottom left at all. It’s on the right; his right! My belief about what was true was based completely on my perspective. What I saw was a tooth on my left and I, therefore, didn’t question my perception.

I wonder how often I am blinded by my false truths. How often do I believe something to be true based on my own interpretations? Do I sometimes limit my own potential because of what I think to be true? Do I make assumptions which, in a different light, would be shaken?

This was a great reminder for me to investigate more thoroughly. Now, when I notice I am feeling absolutely “right,” I’ll remember the wisdom in checking out other perspectives. I’ll ask questions such as, “How might my co-worker perceive this conversation is going?” “Is my husband hearing my tone of voice in a different way than I intended?” “Am I seeing what others in the room are seeing?” and, of course, “Is this tooth on his left or my left?” 

Coaching Inquiries: What belief systems shape how you see the world? How often do you assume what you see, hear, believe is absolute truth? What if it isn’t?

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