Creativity Pathway #145: Turn Off The TV

I had planned to write this article the week Hurricane Katrina unfolded. Ironically, I found myself completely unable to produce anything as I sat dazed and depressed in front of the television.

Of course, we’ve been bombarded with images of violence, death, and destruction for decades. Experts say this flood of “news” contributes to an unfortunate condition called “Information Fatigue Syndrome” with symptoms that include digestive problems, depression, high blood pressure, insomnia, memory loss, and sexual dysfunction. Certainly, anyone watching the television last week experienced one of these.

Now, I am not suggesting that we become ignorant of the circumstances of our world. To be responsible participants of the human race, I believe it is our duty to have an awareness that extends beyond our own comfortable and familiar spaces. 

However, given the potential impact of information overload, we should also observe how the news affects our mind, body, and spirit, and then decide how much news we really need. Unfortunately, it’s too often the “bad” news that is captured by the media. And, that news captures and imprisons our spirits in the process. 

Therefore, we may be served by limiting our daily intake of the news. Resist the urge to take in all the news that is available to us. Instead, stay abreast of news from objective, reliable sources. 

And, consider going on a periodic news fast. A day, a weekend, or even longer would allow you to instead read something that inspires you or provide time for a reconnection with nature.

Lastly, stay tuned into what’s going right with the world, amidst the chaos that is so clearly brought to our attention. Actively seek out stories of survival, hope and justice. One source for such news is They believe virtue, goodwill and heroism are not only newsworthy, but will lift our spirits and inspire us.

Coaching Inquiries: How does the news affect your spirit? What stories of inspiration have yet to be told?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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