Creativity Pathway #140: Sweat & The Small Stuff

I love clients who come to coaching ready to move; clients who are ready to set and achieve Big Hairy Audacious Goals (B.H.A.G.’s). The energy that comes with their focus is contagious and joyful. 

However, it is also easy to become discouraged when the focus is so big, and so far removed from the present. When our focus is solely oriented to the long-term, to the finish, we miss the opportunity to celebrate the smaller achievements along the road to it. We don’t get to relish in the joys of the learning through mistakes, the hard days, and the small victories. 

I was reminded of this by my daughter as I watched her climb a very long, steep hill at our local park. Instead of complaining that her short little legs weren’t carrying her to the top at the pace she’d like to achieve, she would run in short spurts. After each quick sprint, of about 5 steps or so, she would stop and shout, “Yea! I made it!” and would then take off again for another 5 steps. This pattern of energy and celebration continued until she did indeed make it to the top.

We should all find such joy in the steps along the journey. Whether in the process of creating an artistic masterpiece, or working toward powerful goals, integrate ways to notice and celebrate incrementally. Amidst the sweat and the small stuff, allow yourself to shout “Yea! I made it!” before taking another step.

Coaching Inquiries: What is your celebration mantra? What are the small achievements that have gone unnoticed? Of what are you proud?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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