Creativity Pathway #139: The Perfectly Horrible Day

As you may have read, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in April. Because he is my third child, I entered the experience with specific expectations about how the days following labor would unfold. Therefore, when my two-year old daughter had a lingering fever while I was in the hospital, and my husband and daughters were unable to come to the visit and celebrate with me, I experienced some moments of intense disappointment and sadness. My initial reaction to the disappointment was to focus on all that was unfair and unfortunate about what had gone wrong. 

And then, on that first long, lonely day I discovered the beauty of it all. The circumstances allowed me to have a great deal of rest, which I would not have gotten with small visitors to entertain and mother. I was able to relish the quiet time and engage in journaling to capture the essence of the birthing experience with words. And, I was able to bond with my new baby much more quickly than I would have if my attention had been divided by other family members.

I am thankful that I was open to this paradigm shift before the opportunity passed. Recognizing perfection moves us from resistance and blame to acceptance and the ability to see beyond the moment of challenge. Recognizing the perfection in a situation positions us to find peace, even amidst discomfort. Seeing what’s right with what’s gone wrong, enables us to respond instead react and to recognize the distinction between “reality” and “perceived reality.”

My perfectly horrible day turned out to be perfect indeed.

Coaching Inquiries: What is “right” in what went wrong for you? What is perfect about your failures, missed opportunities, frustrations, confusion or stressors? Reflect on a time when something didn’t work out as planned but ended up perfectly beautiful.

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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