Creativity Pathway #138: Draw Your Desire

The space between expectation and desire can be vast. And, the space between expectation and desire can too easily get in the way of us ever realizing our dreams. Our desires, of course, are those outcomes that we most want; those visions we have for our lives which are rooted in the deepest parts of ourselves. 

Tim Gallwey, author of the Inner Game of Work, tells us that “it’s okay to keep expectations realistic, but desire is a different thing. Desire wants what it wants.” When we focus only on what we can expect could really happen, what is “realistic,” we squelch our passions and greatest potentials. It is from desire that amazing things are created.

Gallwey goes on to say that, “Often people won’t let themselves get in touch with what they truly want if they don’t see the means of getting it… So before thinking about the means to an end, simply picture the desired end. Get a clear picture of what it would look like and feel like.” In other words, we so often concentrate on what is obviously possible, and the logical steps to achieving the obvious, that we eliminate the prospect of generating the most creative ideas.

One way to realize an unlimited creative vision is to literally create a picture of it. For example, if you would like to get involved in the community, or envision yourself taking on a new hobby, but are unclear about what you would like to do, draw your vision. Or, if you know that you are moving toward an ideal job, but have not yet been able to identify what that looks like, turn it in to artwork.

Of course, paints, pencils or play dough work equally well. In this case, the medium is not as important as the process. This process, allows you to more freely explore your desires, representing them in symbolic and meaningful ways that are not bound by limited paradigms.

Coaching Inquiries: Do your expectations of what is possible squelch your truest desires? What could creating art to represent your vision reveal to you?

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