Creativity Pathway #137: Spread Love

The day was glorious and full of sunshine, which evoked positive energy and enthusiasm in abundance. That was until I followed one small black truck for 15 miles on the way into town. 

In the rear window of the truck’s cab hung a sign with three pictures: a middle-aged woman and two pre-teen girls. Above the pictures the sign read “John (Surname) killed my family.” BAM! My positive energy and enthusiasm instantly shifted to despair and sorrow for the person driving in front of me.

And, perhaps this is exactly the impact the driver intended for each passerby: that we too should share in her agony and anger about such tragedy. The moment, however, also triggered my thinking about the energy and emotion we create, either deliberate or not, with our words and deeds. How we tend to drag others into our own despair, negativity, slumps and anger.

Similar to the picture on the truck, bumper stickers are also often the catalysts of strong, all too often negative, emotions. Regardless of your political affiliation, for example, reading ” Four more years • we’re doomed!” on the back of a car spawns negative energy in various forms, spanning from frustration and sadness on one side to the “na-na, boo-boo, we won!” feeling on the other.

What if we were instead to take responsibility for evoking positive and inspiring emotions? What if we intentionally focused on spreading messages of hope, belief or thanksgiving? Making such a paradigm shift would result in a continuous loop of good energy (karma, luck, etc.), a “boomerang effect” that goes out into the world and unfailingly comes back to you.

Pay attention to the messages you send and their potential effects. Choose today to be the day to spread love. 

Coaching Inquiries: What are the energies that you put out into the world? What are your mottos, your sayings, your taglines? How do people feel after being in your presence?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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