Creativity Pathway #134: Without Ourselves

In a previous Creativity Pathway, I described the importance of listening to the messages and energies of our bodies as a path to our intuition. Within ourselves we have an awesome power to access levels of information beyond, or deeper than, the data of our other senses.

But intuition also comes from without, from external sources designed to present perfect messages in the moment. When we open our awareness to the symbols and beauties of our surroundings, our ability to interpret the world and ourselves is enhanced.

Heighten Your Awareness. During many coaching conversations, I find that the environment will present me with incredible intuitive guidance: a door will slam in the background just as a client has fervently denied the ability to take on a new perspective or I will notice a new bloom on a flower in the yard just as the client is beginning to fully express herself. These symbols are then brought into the conversation as another way to capture and describe what is happening. 

When we heighten our awareness, we also become tuned into patterns and repeated messages. Here is a simple personal illustration of the power of paying attention: I had been feeling the urge to call a close family friend all week, but hadn’t yet taken the time to make the call. At the end of the week, I opened my dresser to choose something comfortable to wear and found a shirt she had given me right on top.

The next morning, my daughter said, absolutely out-of-the-blue, “Mom, you look like Shannon today.” I noted that my daughter had no conscious awareness that I had been thinking I should call Shannon, nor would she have had any idea that I was wearing a shirt from her. Being aware of the consistent messages from my environment prompted me to act and make the over-due, and much-needed, phone call. 

We design our environment and our environment designs us. Acknowledging the sights, sounds and symbols outside of ourselves opens us to more information and a greater use of our inner wisdom.

Coaching questions: What object, that is in your room at this very moment, speaks to how you are feeling today? What is the meaning of the sounds that surround you? What patterns have you disregarded this week?

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