Creativity Pathway #131: The Color of You

“Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose. Won’t you let me go down in my dreams?” • James Taylor

When Heinz introduced ketchup in new colors • purple, green, and “mystery” • my husband was appalled. “Purple ketchup tastes nothing like ketchup should,” he exclaimed. That was, until we conducted our own blindfolded taste test. When he could not see the color of this essential condiment, my husband had no idea whether he was tasting red, green or purple.

Of course, this is not an advertisement for the Heinz brand and their creativity. It is however, a testament to the power of color. Color sways our thinking, changes our perceptions, influences our actions and reactions.

Advertising executives, well aware that a product can have a completely different impact if the color of the packaging or product is changed, rely on numerous color consultation services to forecast trends in color preferences among consumers. Psychologists know that colors in our immediate environment can help us perform some tasks, such as exercising which is best performed in an environment of the warm shades of red and orange. Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung encouraged his patients to use color in their paintings to express the deepest unconscious part of their psyches. 

When I left my last full-time role in the “corporate world,” I swore to never again spend my days within the anesthetic gray walls of a cubicle bathed in industrial fluorescent “lighting.” So, when my home also became my primary work space, I surrounded myself with my own inspirational and joyous palette of bright yellows, reds, purples and blues. Surrounded by these, I come alive. They each provide me with a different perspective and story to tell. When I work, I can move from room to room, depending on my need for color and mood. 

Primary colors may not be your colors of choice (in fact, I’m not sure that I have my husband convinced of their beauty yet). And, as we all go through our own “favorite color” phases, in a few years I may prefer pastels. But for now, I am thrilled with the energy the colors of my home creates. I have also acknowledged the power of color in other ways, such as through the color of the clothes I wear (no one misses my bright orange, suede boots!) or the ink I choose for my pens. 

Through color, I am designing my environment to support both who I am and who I intend to be.

Coaching Inquiries: What are the colors of your essence? Do the colors of your living / work spaces inspire or dull you? How will you integrate “your color” into your everyday life?

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