Creativity Pathway #122: Seek What You Do Not Know

When we are feeling the forces of negativity and anxiety, our bodies react by tightening and constricting. Breathing becomes shallower, and we lose optimum functioning. Similarly, our spirits and lives can constrict under the weight of these emotions and pressure. But, just as in breathing exercises, one can learn to release and refocus, drawing in more of what we need, optimizing our systems, and expanding our potential.

When I was hired to teach a Kindergarten through Grade 5 class on the topic of “Music and Social Justice,” I was excited, yet daunted, by the task. I regularly facilitate music classes for younger children and their parents and so have a comfort and developed skill in that area. But to integrate social justice. Wow! It is an essential topic but one about which I have no particular teachable expertise. In the beginning, I felt completely blocked and found myself unable to create a fun-filled and meaningful learning curriculum. Little did I know that it was in the not knowing that creativity lived.

I began my preparation at the library, getting no less than 30 books and CD’s full of musical stories and sounds from around world. BAM! With each new piece of knowledge came three ideas • some great and some not so. Nonetheless, by exposing myself to so many new ideas, the creative floodgates had been opened. How inspiring it has been to learn about the music, spirit and struggles of many cultures. The process has even reconnected me to some of my own traditions. 

Creativity arises in exploring the unknown. When you do not enter into the journey as an expert, you are better able to look at and listen to each piece of new information with wonder and curiosity. The next time you find yourself creatively stuck, try learning about something entirely new rather than more about a subject that already fascinates you. 

Coaching Inquiries: Where are you stuck in your learning? What could you do to embrace curiosity by learning about something entirely different, even out of character, for you?

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