Creativity Pathway #121: A Room with a View

As coaches, one of our most important roles is to assist clients in finding new perspectives; new ways in which to perceive a situation. Creating new perspectives allows a client to be more at choice regarding how she feels about a decision or challenge. Paradigm shifts enable our creative minds to be engaged in the process of problem solving.

One imaginative way to go about the process of creating new perspectives is by calling upon our Spirit Allies. I was introduced to and captivated by this process in reading Barbara Sher’s book, Live the Life You Love. In essence, Spirit Allies are imaginary friends for grown-ups. They are spirits, of your choosing, that represent in their uniqueness, different ways of looking at a situation.

Here is a simplified outline of this creative process:

  1. Create a list of characteristics that your perfect Spirit Allies would have.
  2. Then, create a list of Spirit Allies. Use people that are important to you, living or dead such as figures from history, someone special from your childhood, or a favorite character from your favorite book or movie. Have fun with this step • you can choose anyone you want so don’t hold back!
  3. Record a few sentences about why you chose each character and what makes them relevant to you.
  4. Make a rough sketch of a room in which you spend the most time. Next, place each Spirit Ally in position within this room. Where would each sit? Record this in your sketch.

You have now created your own “Room with A View.” To be more accurate, this room now has many views. When called upon, each character can provide a unique perspective and opinion for any given situation. What to do when facing a major career transition? You may ask Abe Lincoln. Stuck on a piece of artwork that you can’t seem to finish? See what Picasso has to say. Need to see your reaction to your last breakup through someone else’s eyes? Perhaps John Lennon has some insight.

Okay, one might argue that this process is just another way of talking to oneself. Fine. But it is far richer, with more color and possibility. And, because our minds are naturally curious about people and their stories, it will cooperate with you more readily if you have fun by allowing yourself to create drama and dialogue.

Coaching Questions: How might having a room full of Allies serve you? Who would you call upon and why?

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