Creativity Pathway #119: In The Bones

Once, when my then four-year-old daughter and I we were outside enjoying the sun, my daughter began to sing a sweet little made-up song. After creating a few verses and a non-rhyming chorus, she asked, “Mom, will you remember the words of my song for me?” 

I replied, “Of course. I’ll write them down. But,” I asked her, “how will you remember the melody?” 

She promptly answered with a confident smile, “I’ll remember it in my body!”

That moment, for me, was a reminder for me of what the great Pablo Picasso said about humankind and creativity. He asserted that each one of us is an artist in childhood. The challenge for us is to remain an artist as we grow.

During my coach training, my favorite course was called “In The Bones.” It was titled as such as a reminder that we each possess everything we need within us to be great coaches; that the essential skills of communication, empathy, love and creativity are held deep within our bodies awaiting discovery.

If you are feeling uncreative, either having felt that way from as long ago as you can remember or are experiencing an “artist’s block,” remember that it is already in your body. Creativity is not something to go “out there” searching for, it is indeed within you and has been since you were created.

Coaching Challenge: Create a List of the 100 Things that You Love. This is an extraordinarily energizing exercise. It connects us with what we know. It reminds us of how we have created joyful moments in our lives. And, it urges us into the world of possibility within us.

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