Creativity Pathway #118: The Cozy Sweater

Thursday was a simple, ordinary, nothing-special kind of day. And yet, it was one of the most powerful days in recent memory. 

As I was driving home, at the close of a day full of coaching conversations, music classes, and mothering, I was overcome by a sense of the world being right. This realization came to me as I reflected on the comfort I had experienced within each situation that day. Throughout the day I had felt a calm, confident knowing that I was exactly in right place at the right time. 

And I had to ask myself, “Why is it that I don’t this sense of peace every day? These are the same activities that I engage in most every day.” Except, on this day, I woke up. I paid attention to what I HAD created instead of having a future focus on what I should have created, what I was planning to create, and what I wished I could create.

By allowing myself to bask in that very day, I had a breakthrough that released me from the constant pressure to expand, to push, to do more, to keep going. It was a release from the search for the “perfect” career and “perfect” life, and situations that would leave me feeling MORE • more energetic, more joyful, more, more, more.

On that day, I gratefully discovered that doing the things you were born to do sometimes feels more like putting on a cozy sweater rather than like a blazing fireball of passion. It generates a sense of ease, it meets your needs, and you notice that nothing is missing after all. 

Coaching Inquiries: On Walden Pond, Henry Thoreau came to realize, “Only that day dawns to which we are awake.” Are you awake now? How many of your own days have slipped by, going unnoticed? In what ways are you grateful for your creative accomplishments today?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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