Creativity Pathway #113: Hey, You! Yes, You!

Yes, I am talking to you. And, I’ve been talking about you for months. “Oh, but I’m not creative!” you say.

“I wish I could be more creative.” A good friend of mine said this to me as we sat in her newly, exquisitely decorated home. You see, this “uncreative” friend bought a home that had been foreclosed upon. She gutted the insides of its broken down structure and entirely refurbished it on her own. She was making her claim about being uncreative as we sat in her flawlessly sponge-painted kitchen, adorned with unique stenciling on the wall.

“I’m not an artist like you, Erika,” said a former client during our lunch date this week. As I sat across from her, I noticed the beautiful, hand crafted jewelry that she had carefully selected to coordinate with her stunning outfit.

These friends, and many others who express the same concerns, are indeed creative. We are all naturally creative beings and are creative each day through our living. Yes, some people have a more widely recognized talent for arts such as painting, sculpture or music. But, creativity is also about the art of living.

One of my favorite definitions for the word creative is “having the power to bring into being.” As humans who were created, we have an innate ability to continue creating, bringing into being our dreams and desires. We display artistry in each choice we make and in every situation we create. We are creative when we explore the endless possibilities for shaping and reshaping our lives instead of treating the circumstances of our lives as a given.

Coaching Inquiries: What are the masterpieces in your life? What do you create with your talents? What are you bringing into being?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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