Creativity Pathway #112: Conscious Moving

This week we focus on the importance of engaging our bodies in the process of creativity and problem solving. Our bodies often tell us what our minds refuse to reveal. As the Upanishads tell us, “What you can not find in your own body, you will not find elsewhere.” The body holds the emotions of right now, the memories of long ago, and the dreams not yet revealed.

Early in life, we develop a split between thinking and feeling, a separation between the body and the mind. The messages from the body (what we want and feel) are ignored or denied by the mind. The separation is often expressed in tight muscles, pain, distorted breathing or a complete lack of awareness about the sensations in our bodies. Letting our bodies move the way we actually feel, authentically, can build our strong inner self as well as uncovering what has been artificial within us.

Conscious moving of our bodies also adds zest to our daily lives. By engaging in moving as an exploration process, rather than out of habit or as a chore, our vitality and ability be present in each moment increases.

Poet Antonio Machado once said, “Travelers, there is no path. Paths are made by walking.” The creative power of walking is so often overlooked. Walking connects us with the artistry and music of our surroundings. It is an exercise in heightened listening, both of external sounds, and internal sounds as our brain becomes awakened through oxygen and movement. Creativity is a psychological and physical act. Many of our most beloved poets were avid walkers who incorporated movement into their poetry.

Coaching Challenge: Set aside 30 minutes to walk. Before heading out, ask aloud, “What is coming up in my life’s garden? What do I need to know?” Throughout your walk notice your surroundings, your mood, shifts, answers or insights. Also, experiment with your movement • walk backward for a few minutes, shuffle your feet, or add a hop to your step. Notice again your mood, shifts, answers or insights. Match your movement to your mood. Match your mood to your movement.

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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