Creativity Pathway #111: Perspective Journaling

In last week’s Creativity Pathway, I introduced the practice of Stepping Stone journaling as a chronicle of growth, a canvas for problem solving, and an entry point into the sub-conscious. To continue our exploration of the benefits of journal writing, this week I would like to share an approach called “Perspective Journaling.”

When coaches work with clients, we often have the opportunity to point out a perspective, or paradigm, from which a person is seeing the world. When clients are being limited by their perspectives, a coach will hear things like, “I can’t change this at my age,” or “I’m never going to lose weight.” Assisting a client to gain new perspectives is really about assisting them to see more choices. Creating perspective expands the lens through which clients see their life circumstances. When clients see only one perspective, their habitual way of looking, they believe their choices and options are fewer.

In the art of journaling, Perspective work allows us to step into the future or the past, glimpsing how the world might have been or could be. Exploring various perspectives is a critical component in any decision-making process, especially when we lack clarity about the choice or feel limited in options. At this point, the choices themselves are not as important as what we learn in the process of considering different choices.

Perspective Journaling can be approached from several points of view:

  • A journal entry written as if you were someone else provides opportunity to step into another person’s perspective and sense how he or she may be feeling. This discovery process allows us to gain compassion and valuable tools for healing self or relationships.
  • When contemplating a difficult decision, write several different journal entries from the perspective of the decision having been made one week ago. Allow yourself to explore several possibilities for outcomes.
  • Allow Perspective Journaling to launch you forward in time to create a picture of what you want your life to be like. Begin your journal with an entry date 1, 5, or 10 years into the future.
  • This technique also allows you to explore the roads not taken. Within every choice, there exist the choices not made. Perspective Journaling can be used as a tool for exploring the “What Ifs” by writing about the situations that were not chosen. Pretend you chose it, and write about how your life would be today.

Coaching Inquiries: Which perspective would be enlightening for you to explore: looking into the future, contemplating the past, or the eyes of someone else? How could this approach assist you in growing or healing?

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