Creativity Pathway #109: Jump into Journaling

An advertisement for a writing workshop read, “In moments of ecstasy, in moments of despair, the journal remains an impassive, silent friend, forever ready to coach, to confront, to critique, to console. Its potential as a tool for holistic mental health is unsurpassed.” And, so our journey into the blank page begins.

For the next three weeks, I will share several journaling tools based in part on the book Journal to the Self: Twenty-two Paths to Personal Growth by Kathleen Adams. There are a number of great reasons to use journal writing as part of your life processes. Here a just a few:

  • To keep a record of how your life unfolds. Not only can it be a chronicle of your growth, hopes and dreams but can also serve as an observer that provides new perspective on habits and unhealthy patterns.
  • To engage in a therapeutic process. Your journal is a valuable tool for empowering you with problem-solving and self-processing skills as you come to new levels of discovery through your own question and answer process.
  • Access information stored in you subconscious and conscious mind. A journal shines a light on thoughts that are unknown to the conscious.
  • Explore your dreams. Both sleeping and waking dreams can be translated into written form for full discovery.
  • Develop your natural intuitive gift. Your “sixth sense” communicates through symbols and “hunches.” Journaling provides a path for translating coincidences and serendipities.
  • To discover the writer in you. When “performance” expectation is replaced with “enjoyment” expectation, you’re likely to surprise yourself with how much you like to write.

This week I invite you to explore the concept of “Springboards.” Symbolic of jumping off the diving board for the first time, Springboards encourage us to jump into journaling. Springboards are questions or statements that beg for expansion and exploration. Here are a few examples of Springboard questions for you to ponder:

  • What’s coming up in your life’s garden?
  • How are you fertilizing your growing dreams?
  • What is ready to burst forth in bloom?

Or, you could turn them into statements:

  • The seeds in my life’s garden have been sown.
  • I fertilized my growing dream today.
  • It’s become clear that (fill in the blank) is about to burst forth in my life.

Coaching Challenge: Date a blank page with today’s date and allow yourself 15 minutes to write in response to one of these Springboards.

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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