Creativity Pathway #108: To Sing is To Pray Twice

Music has always been important to humankind. It is a universal language that brings together cultures and generations. We use music to celebrate, communicate, soothe, bond, worship, and landmark.

For me, the experience of music is spiritual. Music is the external embodiment of my spirit, the vital principle or animating force within me. When I respond to a musician’s piece of work, I believe than I am not only responding to their mastery of the craft, but to their spirit as well. When I express music, I am revealing my soul.

This week, I invite you to play in a variety of ways by listening for the spirit of others through their expression of music, and by expressing your own spirit through music.

— Listen For Your Theme Song. This week you can expect to hear it, plain as day. When you consciously intend to connect to creativity, music’s messages will begin to present themselves. Keep your ears open to the music that you pass through. Listen intently to what the artist has to say, and why you are present at that very moment to receive it. What are the themes? What emotions arise? “Music is the art of thinking with sounds.” (Jules Combarieu)

— Make Music in the Moment. This is an opportunity to use your own voice by singing a song that represents the feelings of your spirit in this moment. Your song is to be shaped by your emotion, not by your words. Begin in a moment where you can connect with a topic you’ve been struggling with and the emotion associated with it. For example, a “fear” of leaving a comfortable salary, an “anger” toward a spouse, or the “exhilaration” of painting a flower.

Next, allow yourself to express that emotion through sound. Humming or non-sense syllables are all you need. Open your mouth and let the sound come out. It is likely that some of the sounds will surprise you. Some will sound dissonant and some will feel as they are expressing your soul exactly. Take as long as you need and continue making noise until the emotion is neutral. “After the silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” (Aldous Huxley)

— Sing To Your Child. You may have a favorite lullaby from childhood, or may have discovered a lulling tune in adulthood. Begin each day this week by singing that lullaby to yourself. Don’t sing well, just sing. How can you use music to take care of soothing the lost, creative child within you? “Music has the capacity to touch the innermost reaches of the soul and music gives flight to the imagination.” (Plato)

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