Creativity Pathway #106: It’s No Coincidence

While out running errands this week, I was feeling a slight touch of nausea and the kid in me began craving a lollipop to soothe my stomach. I noticed that I had orange Starbursts on the dashboard of my car but thought to myself, “No, what I really want is an orange lollipop.”

Heading home, I had one final stop at the bank drive thru. Lo and behold, there waiting for me in the canister at the drive thru was an orange lollipop! You might call it coincidence. You might say, “Well, some mother left it behind in protest against giving their child more sugar and you just got lucky, Erika.”

I don’t believe life and its circumstances are so trivial. I don’t believe that the universe is so accidental. You see, when I determined that it was an orange flavored lollipop that I wanted, there was no question in my mind that I would get one. I was intent upon it.

Intending is very different than wishing. To wish is to hope for, to desire, to long for. When we make a wish our minds often give up control and hope that “the powers that be” will grant it.

To intend, on the other hand, is to expect and to know. When you intend to receive something, be it an object or a circumstance, you begin to plan for it. Instead of demanding it, you can mysteriously focus your being on creating and noticing the circumstances that will make it so. Without intention, that lollipop may have gone by unnoticed.

Recently, a client decided that her practice needed to grow. On Thursday, she declared her intention to have two more clients within two weeks. On Friday morning, she declared her intention again. Within a few hours, she received an inquiry and had a new client. She continues to declare her intention to receive one more client and, I am certain, will be celebrating that fact within the next four days.

“There is only one power in the universe and that is the power of decision. All else follows.” • Ralph Blum

Coaching inquiries: What do you intend to have happen for you? What is undeniably about to be?

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