Creativity Pathway #105: Law of Attraction

“I hope everything that could go wrong for him does,” she declared into her cell phone, while casually selecting the appropriate deli meat. “She” was the woman standing next to me in the grocery store.

I am always amazed and grateful for the messages the universe creates for me when I am open to receiving. The conversation I overheard at the grocery store was a perfect example of someone creating, giving me a focus for this and future Creativity Pathways. That’s because creativity is not just about art, music and all of the usual artistic modalities. Creativity is also about what we create, and invite, into our lives.

We are creative in our every word, action and thought. And, with our every word, action and thought we create our own life circumstances. The more we think about anything, positive or negative, the more quickly it becomes part of our lives. That is the universal Law of Attraction, “That which is like unto itself is drawn.”

The woman at the store, whether or not “justified” in her anger and bitterness, was likely to be setting herself up for the same fate she was wishing upon the subject of her conversation. When we harbor anger, negativity and ill-wishes for others, those feelings hold our attention and our power. Our energy (aura, being, spirit…) becomes negative and likewise attracts negative energy right back to us.

On the other side, of course, is the positive power of this universal law; the power of optimism, faith and love. Spiritual teacher Sonia Choquette writes, “…love is the highest vibration on earth…it’s a positive vibration that draws people naturally into its sphere.” If you desire a change of circumstances, check in with your thoughts and examine the energies that would be attracted to what you are putting out there.

Coaching Inquiries: On what do you focus your energies • revenge or recreation? Anger or awakening? Do you focus on what you don’t want or on what you want? What is your essence?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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