Creativity Pathway #103: Cookie Creations

The day we made disgusting peanut butter cookies was the best day I’d had in weeks. In a time crunch with my various business activities, it had been a period dedicated to output, product, and deadlines. I had not noticed how irritable and tense I had become. To add to the “list of things to accomplish,” I had promised my family I would make peanut butter cookies.

The cookies, thanks to a 4-year olds’ excitement to contribute salt to the mixing bowl, were inedible. The learning, however, was invaluable. In the act of creating, the process can be more important than the product.

That day, I chose to pay attention to each moment of the cookie making process • the sounds of laughter, the aroma of the peanut butter with a dash of vanilla, the texture of the dough, and the emotion of sharing the experience with someone I love. Had I not made the choice to appreciate the process, I may have felt bitter disappointment in the result. If there had been no meaning for me in the process of creation, having an unsuccessful product may have prevented me from trying again.

Such is true with the creation of anything • from the creation of an oil painting to the creation of a toned and sculpted body. We must not miss those moments between conception and birth of an idea. These too are sacred.

Coaching Inquiries: What do you miss when you focus solely on the outcome? What is perfect about your project / creation as it stands right now? What is to savor in this moment?

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