Creativity Pathway #102: Curiosity & Creativity

I was tickled recently when a friend of mine developed a sudden interest in knitting. She is not a person who is naturally attracted to the arts and claims to have never taken on such a creative project. What inspired her to pursue this craft was curiosity.

Curiosity is at the threshold of creativity. My friend became curious about a scarf that someone was wearing and how the scarf came to be. Her curiosity led to “How?” questions, “What?” questions and, most importantly, “What if?” questions. Curiosity triggered her to ask “Why?” Then, creativity had her asking “Why not?” 

Perhaps humanistic psychologist, Abraham Maslow, had it right when he asserted that we learn to fear knowledge as we age. It certainly provides an explanation for our resulting fear of exploration and why we struggle to rediscover our creative selves in our adulthood.

Creative interest and inspiration is born out of a child-like exploration. For example, I notice that my daughter can take an empty laundry basket and, within minutes, turn it into a boat, a rabbit hole and a mountain. She sees beyond the limits I have set for what the basket is and the purpose it serves.

Coaching Inquiries: How would a child look at your project, idea or situation? What questions does the curious child in you have about your project, idea or situation? In your mind, climb over, under and around your project, idea or situation. What new things do you see?

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