Provision #359: Pursue Justice

Laser Provision Although compassion is necessary and indispensable, it’s not sufficient in our world today. We also need to pursue the systemic reforms that make for global justice and minimize the need for compassion. That may sound like an impossible task, but the value of justice comes to us on good authority with doable strategies […]

Provision #357: Be Compassionate

Laser Provision Are you compassionate? Or have you adopted one or more of the following mentalities: “us against the world,” “why bother,” “me first,” or “mind over matter”? For those who seek to shape their lives on the basis of core values, compassion is a good place to start. It’s an infectious quality of being […]

Provision #356: Spaceship Earth

Laser Provision This Thursday, April 22, will again see Earth Day celebrations around the globe to celebrate the earth and our responsibility toward it. The value of protecting the planet, including all life forms and natural resources, has ancient roots in the world’s religions and cultures. It has become even more important now that we […]

Provision #355: Eschew Violence

Laser Provision World events notwithstanding, and all representations to the contrary, the sanctity of human life is the most commonly agreed upon value by the world’s diverse religions and cultures. When we adopt this value as one of our values, when we take it into the core of our being, it changes how we live […]

Provision #354: Century Thinking

Laser Provision Are your core values any good? That may sound like an odd question, but it goes to the heart of many problems in our world today. If you are uncomfortable with the direction of your own life, let alone with the course of history, then perhaps it’s time to connect your core individual […]