Provision #459: Laughter Moments

Laser Provision Laughter is a healing balm. In the best of times, laughter keeps us humble and fresh. In the worst of times, laughter gives us energy and hope. In all times, laughter serves as both a lubricant and a glue: it lowers the friction of the daily grind and it makes connections between people. […]

Provision #458: Mucked Up Moments

Laser Provision Among runners, DNF is perhaps the most dreaded of acronyms: Did Not Finish. Last Saturday I ran but did not finish the Bull Run Run, a 50-mile race in northern Virginia. Instead of leaving me devastated, however, the miserable conditions left me with a new acronym for DNF: Discovered New Frameworks. They were, […]

Provision #457: Celebration Moments

Laser Provision Having just completed our series on Appreciative Inquiry, this Provision almost wrote itself. Although coaches wear many hats and perform many functions, none is perhaps more important than finding things to celebrate with our clients. Large or small, past, present, or future, internal or external, on-target or tangential, deliberate or accidental, physical, psychological, […]

Provision #456: Extraordinary Moments

Laser Provision Today we start a new series of LifeTrek Provisions, focused on the extraordinary moments that bring people to and emanate from coaching. Over the next twelve weeks, the LifeTrek Coaching staff will explore the types of moments that we live and breathe for when it comes to coaching. From the peak of passion […]