Provision #464: Spring Cleaning Moments

Laser Provision Can you identify with how good it feels to clean up a mess that has been hanging around for far too long? Boundless energy and creativity often result. Unfortunately, messes have a way of coming back. That’s why coaches work with clients to develop systems for success. We want people to get cleaned […]

Provision #463: Remember When Moments

Laser Provision As coaches, we love to connect people with stories of power and grace. We do that through the questions we ask and the spaces we create. Too often those stories are buried under the rubble of discouragement, busyness, and hurt. But in the presence of one who believes in their existence, we can […]

Provision #462: Blink Moments

Laser Provision There’s much to be said for figuring things out the hard way. It can certainly generate a great sense of satisfaction. But there are times when we see everything clearly, in an instant, based upon our feelings, patterns, hunches, habits, impulses, and environments. Do we trust and even cultivate those times of rapid […]

Provision #461: Tear Jerk Moments

Laser Provision Coaching is not all sweetness and light. We are not just nice people to talk with. We are also powerful people who hold open a space in which you can be real with yourself, your values, your relationships, and your dreams. When that happens, it’s not uncommon for tears to flow. When we […]

Provision #460: Breakthrough Moments

Laser Provision When was the last time that you had a breakthrough? If it’s been a while, perhaps it’s time to find and work with coach. Coaches are especially helpful when it comes to transformational change because breakthroughs are so highly charged. They often involve giving things up and taking things on that are very […]