Provision #369: Coaching as Safety Net

Laser Provision CEO coaching is all the rage when it comes to private industry. But their challenges pale in comparison to those who lead public school systems. Today we interview a school superintendent who has worked with a LifeTrek coach to navigate several transitions and to master the art of leadership. With coaching as her […]

Provision #368: Coaching as Purposeful Change by Erika Jackson

Laser Provision Today’s client story reminds us that coaching conversations create an environment where one’s “wildest” dreams are respected, sacred, and treated as absolute possibilities. Our client came to LifeTrek with a focus on corporate business goals as Vice President in a growing sales organization. Through the coaching process, his life’s work and purpose were […]

Provision #367: Coaching as Scenic Overlook

Laser Provision Today we interview a Realtor who worked with a LifeTrek coach for one year. Her new career as a Realtor was all-consuming. She wanted to improve her work habits and increase her real estate production, but she knew that would take more than a few new skills and techniques. It would require an […]

Provision #366: Coaching as Art Appreciation

Laser Provision Today we interview a physician who has worked with a LifeTrek coach for three years. The process has become a continuing dynamic of discovering, dreaming, designing, and delivering through a series of life transitions. This is one client who continues to see coaching as critical to improving the quality of both his life […]

Provision #365: Coaching Anyone?

Laser Provision Ever wonder about the “coaching” in LifeTrek Coaching International? We’re more than just the distributors of a weekly newsletter. We’re professional coaches who assist people to put passion to work for exceptional results. This Provision explains our approach to coaching before we start interviewing some of our current and former clients. Then they […]