Provision #374: Coaching as Breath Work

Laser Provision When we are feeling the forces of negativity and anxiety, our bodies generally react by tightening and constricting. Breathing becomes shallower, and we lose optimum functioning. Similarly, our spirits and lives can constrict under the weight of these emotions and pressure. But, just as in breathing exercises, one can learn to release and […]

Provision #373: Coaching as Trusted Friend

Laser Provision Sometimes, even when we have it all, there can still be a restlessness deep down inside. That’s what today’s featured client, a medical doctor, was feeling when he first contacted LifeTrek for coaching. He had all the pieces; he just wasn’t able to put them together. But in five short months he was […]

Provision #372: Coaching as Dancing Freely

Laser Provision This week’s Provision features a client who’s greatest discovery was that she did not need to be fixed. The work that comes through coaching is not about uncovering all of our flaws and mending them. Coaching instead encourages compassion and acceptance of our whole selves as a pathway for being at choice with […]

Provision #371: Coaching as Booster Rocket

Laser Provision There’s a maxim in the coaching industry: if you want to be a coach, have a coach. That’s never truer than in the early years of developing a coaching practice. Today’s featured client is a therapist turned coach, who has boosted himself and his business into a higher orbit with the assistance of […]

Provision #370: Coaching as Philosopher’s Stone

Laser Provision Coaching doesn’t always assist people to leave their old lives behind. Sometimes, we learn how to squeeze more meaning and joy, more success and fulfillment, out of the lives we have long been living. That was certainly the experience of today’s featured client, a director of relationship marketing for a major pharmaceutical company. […]