Provision #381: Coaching as Noise Reduction

Laser Provision This week we share the story of a LifeTrek client who experienced the energy and love that often results from a coaching relationship. By viewing clients as creative, resourceful and whole, coaching clears away distractions in order to champion clients and encourage their infinite possibility. LifeTrek Provision Sometimes, to be the best we […]

Provision #380: Coaching as Sounding Board

Laser Provision Coaching is a personalized learning relationship that enables people to do better in life and work. When performance degrades, lethargy arises, or changes loom, coaching can help turn things around and move things forward. In a matter of months, today’s featured client • an expatriate living and working in Puerto Rico • made […]

Provision #379: Coaching as Talking Mirror

Laser Provision LifeTrek clients come from all around the world to reach their dreams, design their environments, and expand their horizons. In fact, cross-cultural conversations can be the most eye-opening of them all. We are introduced to new ways of seeing, working, and being. That was certainly the hope of today’s featured client, when he […]

Provision #378: Coaching as Adventure Gear

Laser Provision What happens when you’ve tried to save your marriage with the help of counselors, psychologists, and therapists, but it’s still not working? Some people turn to a relationship coach in order to capture a new vision and craft a new plan for the future. That’s what today’s featured clients did, and two years […]

Provision #377: Coaching as Couples Campfire

Laser Provision What happens when an entrepreneur and a sales professional, in a family-owned business, are also husband and wife? For some people, that might pose no problem at all. But for today’s featured clients, it proved to be like pouring gasoline on a fire. Things would blow up with devastating effects. Fortunately, telephone coaching […]