Provision #386: Coaching as Healthy Relationship

Laser Provision Coaching isn’t just for executives anymore. Today’s featured client, a suburban housewife and homemaker, has worked with a LifeTrek coach for more than four years to carve out a different way of being in the world. Through good times and bad, including the tragic murder of her father, this client has found coaching […]

Celebrate the Best for Exceptional Results

Laser Provision This week we feature the story of a current LifeTrek client, a minister, who is one year into his role in a growing church. As a result of his experience with coaching, this minister has developed as an administrative and spiritual leader at the same time as he has embraced new roles in […]

Provision #384: Coaching as 3-D Glasses

Laser Provision To move forward in life, sometimes we need to see things from a different point of view. Like putting on special glasses to watch a 3-D movie, coaching can bring things into focus and make things jump out at you in fresh and surprising ways. Today’s featured client tells the story of how […]

Provision #383: Coaching as HR On Call

Laser Provision Not every situation can be handled from within. Sometimes, it helps to have a trusted, outside resource who can listen and bring new perspectives to the table. Today we interview a Vice President of Human Resources who has used LifeTrek Coaching in a wide variety of ways for almost four years. Having this […]

Provision #382: Coaching as Employee Benefit

Laser Provision More than one company has made LifeTrek coaching available to selected employees, at company expense, to manage stress, develop skills, improve communication, resolve conflicts, or achieve other business goals. Today we tell the story of one such company, who extended the offer of professional coaching to the top 30 people in the company. […]