Provision #393: Coaching Metaphors

Laser Provision Today’s Provision concludes our series of 23 interviews with current and former coaching clients. It provides a great perspective not only on the coaching process but also on the more profound question of how and why people change. If you are contemplating making some changes, then perhaps this Provision will enable you to […]

Provision #390: Coaching as Family Affair

Laser Provision This week is our last client interview in this series, and it’s with four people — all related • who have been part of a LifeTrek coaching group for more than a year. They came to coaching with the desire to transform themselves from the fat family into the fit family, and they […]

Provision #389: Coaching as Tiger Team

Laser Provision Are you pulled in so many directions, with so many demands, that you end up with precious little time or energy for the people, causes, and things you truly care about in life? If so, then join the club. That seems to be the way of the world. But today’s featured client tells […]

Provision #388: Coaching as Life Raft

Laser Provision Do you ever have a bad attitude about life? Do you ever get depressed and discouraged about the chances of making things better? Do you ever see through the facade and the pretensions to the existential predicament of life? If you resonate with any of these questions, then read on. You’re about to […]

Provision #387: Coaching as Spiritual Formation

Laser Provision When people talk about the business of coaching, they don’t often think of spirituality as a profitable niche. Who would pay for that? Today’s featured client, that’s who. For more than 65 years, she’s been on a spiritual quest. But professional coaching has moved her forward like no other resource. Her story, faith, […]