Coaching Kitchen #122 Living Authentically

One of my ambitions is to live more authentically, to let go of conventions and judging voices, and to embrace my core self. If I really let go, I am not sure where the process would take me. But I do believe it would be to a freer and more exuberant life than I am now leading.

We have numerous opportunities that cross our paths daily, offering pieces to this puzzle. It is up to us to tune in, feel the energy, connect with our intuition and the potential message we may be receiving. If we are not enjoying something we•re doing, that is a clue. If we get excited about a topic, project, concept, or environment, those are also clues. If something doesn’t feel right, it isn’t. If actions or choices feel out of line with your values, they•re the wrong path. If your spirit feels as if it’s being called, it is.

When your radar picks up on these signals, tune in. What is the message? What is raising your energy? What is connecting with your values, your desires, and your spirit?

Let go of ego, judgment, fear, and whatever “noise” you may be experiencing. The trick is to just sit with the message and feel the joy and possibility of it, without dismissing it or moving on too quickly. Noticing and paying attention are the first steps. Training yourself to tap into the wisdom of messages and experiences takes discipline but offers great reward.

I’ve experienced many powerful messages in the last couple of weeks • almost more than I can take in and assimilate. But I am determined to sit with these experiences and thoughts, and to give them some space to incubate.

A major part of living authentically is embracing one’s values and faith. I was touched very deeply last week, as Mark and I visited with our dear neighbor who was dying of cancer. She shared with us that her intention in life was to be a good person, a good neighbor. She was all of that to us. And as I spoke to her family and friends, she was all of that to them, too. Even in her final days, Nora was asking what she could do for us.

Another form of powerful message comes from those witnessing our strengths and gifts. And, we must ask ourselves if we are fully sharing these talents, and creating opportunities in our personal and professional lives for this expression. It is much too easy to let it all ride, rather than embracing and finding ways to apply these strengths. Sometimes we may not be clear on how or where to use our talent, but I have found that if I create the intention for such opportunities, they will find me.

Taking a step at a time, based on your knowing of what feels right, will typically move you down a path of authentic living. Modeling this for our children helps them to learn to be their true selves. And we can learn from them, as they push against convention in order to live in ways that express their natures, rather than an “expected” path. I encourage you to embrace your right paths, and to support those around you as they embrace theirs, too.

This week I’m sharing an appetizer recipe that is one of the simplest I have ever made, and was a big hit. It has a great appearance for holiday get-togethers, too.

Raspberry Drizzled Brie

Wedge of Brie cheese, this can be purchased in the cheese section of your grocery
2 to 3 tablespoons raspberry jam or preserves (enough to cover the top of the Brie)
3 to 4 tablespoons slivered almonds

Toast the almonds in a pan over low heat. Watch closely, stirring once or twice in the process, as they brown. Be careful not to burn. Should only take a few minutes, and you will smell them toasting.

Remove the plastic wrap from the Brie, and place on microwaveable plate. Spread the jam over the top and microwave on half power for 20 to 30 seconds, to soften the brie and heat the jam so that it begins to drip down the sides of the wedge. Add time as necessary but watch carefully so that you do not melt the cheese. Sprinkle the toasted almonds over the top and serve with crackers, bagel chips, or bread.

Coaching Inquiries: Are you talking yourself out of something that is calling to you? Does anything in your life feel out of sync with your values or desires? Are you willing to embrace new activities or a new direction? What steps can you take this week to either let go of habits or commitments that aren’t serving you, or to begin to more fully express who you are?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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