Coaching Kitchen #108 Della’s BBQ Sauce

Happy Father’s Day to all the loving and hard working fathers in our world. They offer so much to us through their lives and in their love. And many times, we become the most aware of this, in their passing. It is in that spirit, that I thank my dad for all he gave and meant to me, and dedicate this very first Coach’s Kitchen recipe and article in his memory. He was really a great father.

Dad never stayed •down• long, even when the circumstances would have warranted it. You could always count on him to let things roll-off of his back, and for him to get back to whistling or singing as he went about his farm work. That was in the face of some pretty stressful business and financial situations which could have otherwise taken their toll. But he chose to rise above the situation, to make the most of it, to steer a new course and let go of the negative.

My cousins enjoyed his humor and antics. They could count on him for stories, jokes, and shenanigans, and to keep things light and fun. We relied on him for that, too.

Although he had an extremely strong sense of his values and the right things to do, it was coupled with a very forgiving spirit, and he took people as they were. Where there was a need, he tried to help.

Dad was not an advice giver, but offered a strong shoulder when you needed one. His parenting had much to do with setting an example of living true to your beliefs and your word. He was in many ways a very gentle person with very deep •roots.•

I can’t work in my garden or see an animal or bird in their habitat without thinking about him. He was always pointing out a nest, a deer, animal tracks, or finding a new way to keep squirrels out of the bird feeders. There was always some new trick he was teaching his dog, and he was never too busy to stop and enjoy nature. He indulged all of his seven children when it came to pets, and in later years when we spoke on the phone, he always made it a point to ask about my cat, Romeo.

His story and the stories he told, were beautiful to me. They helped to build my childhood as well as my adulthood, and they are full of rich and wonderful examples of a life well-lived and a family well cared for.

In the spirit of Dad’s favorite recipes, I am sharing my mom’s homemade barbeque sauce recipe. He loved BBQ, baked beans, coleslaw, and cornbread. As you celebrate Father’s Day with your families, think about what matters most in life, and take some time to appreciate and thank each other for the gifts each has shared.

Della’s BBQ Sauce (great with slow cooked short ribs):

1 med onion, chopped • put in pan with water to cover the bottom and simmer until clear, about 5 minutes or so

1 • cup ketchup
• tablespoon mustard
2 tablespoons brown sugar
2 tablespoons vinegar
• teaspoon liquid smoke
• tablespoon Worcestershire sauce or more
• cup water

Stir until blended. Cover and simmer 20 minutes. If you are baking the sauce with meat, you can cut the simmer time down.

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