Clean Sweep Program

Coach University has developed the Clean Sweep Program in order to begin the coaching process with an honest look at the condition of our physical environment, well-being, money, and relationships. These four areas are critical components of a strong personal foundation.

Each area on the attached survey contains 25 true or false questions. Go through the questions and mark the ones that are true for you right now. Don’t worry about how many, or how few, of the questions are true. Don’t argue with the questions, as to whether they’re important, relevant, or appropriate. Just take your time and answer them honestly.

Be rigorous in your self-appraisal. Don’t say that you make your bed daily if you make your bed most of the time. Do not check the true box unless the statement is virtually always true for you. If the statement does not apply to you (for example, you have never filed a tax return), check the true box. If the statement will never be true for you (for example, your parents are both deceased), check the true box. You get credit for it because it does not apply or will never happen.

Be hard with the scoring but gentle with yourself. Remember, this is a just a tool to begin the coaching alliance. It surfaces many issues and can identify areas in which you want to work. But it is not you. Don’t beat yourself up about the statements that are not true. With the assistance of a coach, most people improve their score significantly within six months. It is possible, over a longer period of time, to reach a perfect 100 or a Clean Sweep.

The questions that are not true may reflect things that you are tolerating or putting up with in life. They frequently provoke a range of emotions including guilt, remorse, regret, shame, anger, denial, and sadness. Thomas Leonard, founder of Coach University, compares this situation to the drone of an air conditioner. When the air conditioner starts, you notice the noise that it makes. But soon it’s a background noise that disappears from our conscious awareness. The noise is still there, impacting us in subtle and negative ways, but we’ve stopped noticing it.

Having lots of tolerations in a particular area is like having many air conditioners running at the same time. As each statement becomes true, we turn off one of the air conditioners and reduce the noise. We plug the energy leaks in our life. We free ourselves up to focus on the truly important. As all the statements become true, we find ourselves more able to live successful, meaningful, and healthy lives.

These questions are larger than they look. They are the tip of an iceberg. Working on the items included in the Clean Sweep Program enhances all areas of our business and personal lives. Guaranteed. It is not only possible but practical to get complete. That is the point of executive coaching, along with the associated increase in Fulfillment and Success. That is the journey we are about to embark upon together.

Click here for a PDF Version that you can print on four pages and fax back to your coach. You will need the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print this file. After you have completed the survey, fax it back to your coach.

Coaches and their fax numbers:

Bob Tschannen-Moran: 772-382-3258
Megan Tschannen-Moran: 772-382-3309
Christina Lombardo Ray: 415-634-2301