Step into the 21st Century! A Career Web Portfolio is a cutting-edge tool used to present and promote yourself by employing an online portfolio. When you put your CV, resume, professional biography, and all your achievements online you are allowing hiring managers, corporate recruiters, and academic advisors to see who you are immediately, in full detail.

21st Century Career Web PortfolioThis Portfolio will separate you from the competition and is quickly becoming a standard by recruiters. Many prospective employers respond quickly and positively after viewing such a compelling presentation. By going beyond the printed page, they see you as a leader who is thinking outside the box.

Many people maintain a Career Web Portfolio even when they are not in a job search in order to demonstrate their expertise in certain fields for consulting or other career directions.

The LifeTrek Coaching staff can assist you to develop a Career Web Portfolio even if you have no experience in developing Web pages. Our conversational coaching process will assist you to identify the key ingredients to be included in your Portfolio, using just the right language, while our professional Web developers will make it come alive with the latest in Web technology.

Want to see what a basic Career Web Portfolio looks like? Click on the links below.

Sample 1   •   Sample 2   •    Sample 3

Want to see what an enhanced Career Web Portfolio looks like, using the latest in multimedia, Flash Web technology? Click on the links below.

Sample 4   •   Sample 5   •    Sample 6

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