Career Pathway #201: Expand With Excitement

When is the last time you felt excited? Yesterday? Last week? Last month? Last year? Well, I hope that your answer falls in the more recent category or you are missing out on one of life’s true pleasures.

Of course, I am referring to positive excitement, rather than the excitement that comes from emergency or troubling situations. I am speaking to excitement that bubbles up when looking forward to a trip, learning good news, planning something fun, and finding a new interest. This kind of excitement gets us going, produces positive emotion, and engages us more fully.

When we experience such excitement in our lives, we generally feel expanded. Our boundaries may shift a little, and our capacity to deal more positively with our daily situations grows. We typically have more bounce in our step, more tolerance for difficulty, and greater willingness to engage more fully. All of this expansion can drastically impact our satisfaction and qualify of life, and it all happens in a very natural and effortless flow.

If you want more bounce in your step, indulge in more excitement. Bring new things, people, and experiences into your life. Look for ways to engage your sense of adventure and to make life fun!

Coaching Inquiries: What was the last exciting activity for you? What did you get out of it? What are you excited about today? What activity can you add to your life in the next three to six months that would really jazz it up?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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