Career Pathway #200: Feeling Good

What are you doing to promote your well-being and quality of life? Or, in other words, how are you allowing yourself to feel good? These are very powerful questions, when addressed. When not addressed, we are likely ignoring our personal power to impact the elevation of our mood and the overall results we get in life.

The first step in realizing our personal power is to consider where our focus lies. If it lies in what we are not getting, then we may be telling ourselves things that tend to reduce our personal power. “My boss doesn’t like me.” “I’ll never get ahead.” “I am not appreciated or valued.” “I’m stuck.” If it lies in what we want, then we may be telling ourselves things that tend to promote our personal power. “I want to succeed.” “I intend to expand my skills and knowledge so that I am prepared to take on more responsibility.” “I want more freedom in my environment, and I am going to look for ways to create it.”

If your mindset is made up of stories that discount your ability to influence your life, then it is nearly impossible to feel good about your situation. But, if you realize that you are the primary source of influence in your life, you can begin to take immediate steps to realize your happiness.

It is in taking such ownership that we move from stuck to free, from lifelessness to vitality, from dismissing opportunity to creating it, and from feeling deflated to feeling good. At this point of realization, we naturally stop blaming, and begin to focus our thoughts and efforts in a whole new way.

Coaching Inquiries: Is it time for you to take greater ownership of what is happening in your life? Can you name one aspect that you want to improve? What would be an improvement? Are you willing to take ownership for that improvement?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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