Career Pathway #198: If You Could Do Anything

Have you ever let yourself think about what you would do if you had the means to do anything you wanted? It is a joyful exercise to let your mind go, to forget limitations and obstacles, and to just see yourself living the life of your choosing. That is, of course, the first step to living your desired life. The more you can envision and sense the greatness of what that experience would be, the more powerful you become in the process of creation.

So many of us relinquish that power, instead of owning it and utilizing it to create greater fulfillment and happiness. We get stuck in our ruts and buy into other limited thinking, stubbornly holding that position, rather than thinking outside of the box and embracing our larger good.

But, it does not need to be that way. What we give attention to will grow and expand. Without building thought and energy around a desire, it remains distant and fleeting. By bringing it into our forefront, we begin the process of creation.

I encourage you then, to spend time with questions such as “if I could do anything, what would I like to do?” “If I could travel anywhere, where would I like to travel?” “If I could learn something new, what would I like to study?” “If I could enhance my relationships, what changes would l like to see?”

If in this process you hit on something that causes your heart and energy to sore, stay with it and give it focus. Bring it to life!

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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